Monthly InstallmentNo.of MonthsTotalBonusTotal Amount
Rs.500 20 Rs.10,000 500 Rs.10,500
Rs.1000 20 Rs.20,000 2000 Rs.21,000
Rs.2000 20 Rs.40,000 2000 Rs.42,000
Rs.5000 20 Rs.1,00,000 5000 Rs.1,05,000



  •  As an enrollment offer, first installment is entierly free

  •  Special gifts

  •  Extra bonus


  •  Monthly installment should be paid on or before 8th of each month

  •  Only one installment will be accepted per month

  •  Special gifts will be issued after the maturity of 5th installment

  •  Passbook must be kept safe and if gets lost, duplicate card will be issued against the payment of Rs.50/-

  •  Customers who discontinue the scheme midway, their total paid amount will be given to them with the deduction of 20% amount from the total paid amount

  •  Payment can be done by Online, Cash, D.D. or money order favoring “BMN Thanga Maaligai”. Predated local cheques are acceptable

  •  BMN Thanga Maaligai reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and can change the conditions at any time

  •  Making and wastage charges and VAT related taxes will be applicable

  •  Laws are subjected to coimbatore jurisdiction

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